Classe Delta Speaker

$3,749.44 CAD
  • technologie MTA Multiple tunneling
  • 99.99% OFC
  • Architecture Multi filaire  equivalent a un 10 AWG
  • Prises bananes Furutech plaqués Rhodium
  • jacquette de nylont
  • grandeur : 2.5m

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The Classe Delta Speaker is part of the Delta series. these cables were designed with flexibility and usability in mind. It feature  Multi tunneling Architecture . This system allows signal to travel inside the cable via multiple wires. Each wire carries a portion of the Signal. At the end of the cable, wires are recombined and distribute the signal to the component.

The Classe delta speaker core is composed of Multiple wires made of 99.99% pure copper.

All Classe Delta cables are designed to optimize Classe Audio Delta series amplifiers and preamplifier. They are built using Furutech connectors in order to match perfectly the  Delta Furutech connectors .