Red Fire Ultra

$6995.00 USD
  • Indépendant conductors architecture.
  • Toroid assembly system
  •  MTA technology
  • MSDS technology
  • 99.99% OFC
  • Equivalent gauge of 6 AWGS
  • Connecteurs Furutech plaqués rhodium
  • Available in Banana only
  •  2,4 meter standard length
  • Transport case in Aluminium
  • 30 day return policy

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The Shadow series cables were designed with flexibility and usability in mind. In some applications the micro-Silicates series is simply too big. That why we developed a new technology call MTA; Multi tunneling Architecture . This system allows power to travel inside the cable via multiple wires. Each wire carries a portion of the Signal. At the end of the cable, wires are recombined and distribute the signal to the component.

DR Acoustics Shadow Series Red Fire Ultra speaker cables with MTA have a unique architecture using a toroid structure. 4 conductors are insert into a pure copper sleeve  and benefit from a revolutionary shielding system call MSDS (Multiple Shields Dampening System ). This exclusive shielding system meets every requirement DR Acoustics had set in the design of a new line of products; Vibration noise control and and wider signal path. In fact the Shadow Red Fire Ultra speaker cables have a concatenated AWG 6 .

In the Shadow series, Micro-silicate is replaced by the MSDS. Vibration control uses an ensemble of tinned cooper braided shielding to dampen the system. This architecture of shields provides a blacker than black noise floor, a superb soundstage and of course an immense immunity to RF/EMI.

This unique Multi tunneling transport, with 10 paths for the current, creates an amazing stability because each wire carries a small portion of the energy reducing signal lost in heat. The MTA system offers superior quality and provides greater dynamics, resolution and detailed bass for all high-end audio installations. Built with exclusive methods, quality materials and unmatched expertise, DR Acoustics cables offer enhanced image and make up the perfect platform for your audio or video system.

The Shadow Series core is composed of Multiple wires made of 99.99% pure copper.These cables have been developed to offer superior sound quality. They are the perfect complement to high performance audio systems. These cables enable you to achieve optimal performance of your audio system.