Delta Classe PowerMate

$795.00 USD
  • Design forPreamplifier. stereo Amplifier and Mono Block Amplifier
  • MTA Multiple tunneling technology
  • 99.99% OFC
  • Multi wires system equivalent to a 12 AWG
  • Rhodium-plated connectors
  • Available with Schuko plug
  • Quality nylon jacket
  • Diameter: 20 mm
    Length: 2.0 m
    30-day refund policy

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The Classe Delta  Series cables were designed with flexibility and usability in mind. In some applications the micro-Silicates series is simply too big and heavy. That why we developed a new technology call MTA: Multi tunneling Architecture . This system allows power to travel inside the cable via multiple wires. Each wire carries a portion of the current. At the end of the cable, wires are recombined and distribute the power to the component.

DR Acoustics Classe  Delta Series with MTA have a unique architecture using multi-conductors in one cable.  It benefit from this exclusive technology and meets every requirement DR Acoustics had set in the design of a new line of products. The Classe Delta power cord.Vibration control uses an ensemble of tinned cooper to dampen the system. This architecture of multi-conductors  provides a blacker than black noise floor, a superb soundstage and  a flexibility required by Classe Audio to power their new Delta Amplifiers.

This unique Multi tunneling transport, with up to 4 paths for the current, creates an amazing stability because each wire carries a small portion of the energy reducing signal lost in heat. The MTA system offers superior quality and provides greater dynamics, resolution and detailed bass for all high-end audio installations. Built with exclusive methods, quality materials and unmatched expertise, DR Acoustics cables offer enhanced image and make up the perfect platform for your audio or video system.