About Us


A Radically New Approach

DR Acoustics was born from a happy coincidence. Daniel Robidoux, telecommunications engineer, enjoyed a prosperous, 21-year career in the field of data transmission products. With his Cartesian spirit, Mr. Robidoux strongly believed that “audiophile” cables and interconnects were nothing more than a fraud. Seven  years ago, after trying out a pair of XLR cables from a high-end audio manufacturer, his opinion took a sharp turn and he realized that these cables really do make a difference. He then rushed out to purchase high-end cables for all of his audio systems.

Unsatisfied with the technical explanations given by high-end cable manufacturers, Mr. Robidoux decides to study the conductor theory from an engineering perspective. Three years of research and development later, as well as following fifty or so power supply iterations, the Cassandra* project comes to light. This power cable features a radically different approach to dealing with electron vibrations.

In September 2015, DR Acoustics releases three new power cables: Pegasus, Vulcan and Cassandra. Building on solid technological expertise, Mr. Robidoux designs a entire line of speaker, power, interconnect and digital cables.

DR Acoustics now offers high-end audio system cables for every need, whether digital or analogue.

Discover how “We can improve a good system, one cable at a time. ”

*In Greek mythology, Cassandra is the most beautiful daughter of Priam, with whom Apollo fell in love. Apollo had promised Cassandra the gift of prophecy should she accept to give herself to him. Cassandra accepted Apollo’s gift. However, she then refused his romantic advances. Despite his fury, Apollo could not reclaim the powers he had bestowed upon her. He therefore placed a curse on her ensuring that no one would ever believe her predictions.